NOTE: We are still open and processing files, and courts are still processing probate files electronically to combat COVID-19

Summary Administrations / Homestead Petitions


+ $350 filing fee

Formal Administrations

Starting at

+ $405 filing fee

Did You Know:

Probate Attorneys NEVER travel to court for uncontested cases? Everything is done through the court system’s E-Portal, electronically.

Tim was quoted $7,500 for a homestead transfer. We completed this probate for less than $3,000.
“This law firm got the job done AHEAD of schedule – Thank You!” Rick M.
A local law firm quoted Martha $3,500 as a RETAINER to START a formal administration. We COMPLETED it for $2,000 TOTAL.
“I chose this law firm because it has an entire staff that does nothing but probate, so I knew it would be handled professionally.” Shana E.
“This law firm made the process SMOOTH and EASY. Highly recommend!” Lester G.
Lester (to the left) got a flat fee of $1,500 for a property transfer from his late wife. His next-door neighbor attorney quoted him $4,000 for the same probate.
“I chose the rush fee because I needed this done fast, and this law firm delivered, and we got the property closed.” Stephanie Q.
Christina came to us with one bank account in her fathers name. Quoted a flat fee of $2500 by another firm, we got it done for $995.

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    What is a flat fee?

    A flat fee is the TOTAL amount that you will pay to get your probate complete. Most other attorneys will charge a RETAINER of $2,500 to $3,500 and THEN bill you hourly. So, when you hire THEM, you have no idea what your final bill will be.

    Our law firm has dedicated itself to helping people save THOUSANDS of dollars during the probate process though our Flat Fee System. This fee system is based on THE AMOUNT OF WORK REQUIRED. As each case is different, our fees vary accordingly. But the fee I provide at the end of our consultation, will be the TOTAL ATTORNEYS FEES you will pay for the case, and most times, my quote is less than most other attorneys retainers.


    Because clients see the VALUE in our team and ARE REFERRING US to their friends, neighbors, relatives and loved ones, allowing us to continue to serve our Florida communities and grow our law firm, in turn helping others in your situation. A true win-win!



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    Local Attorneys vs Us

    “Local Attorney”


    Charge Hourly Fees in addition to a $2500 + retainer
    Flat Fees
    Travel Fees Included
    Complete from your home
    Complete Probate StaffMaybe

    I Didn’t realize that probate doesn’t require in person court hearings. But once that was explained to me, and I realized that there was no difference hiring a lawyer next to the courthouse or 100 miles away, it made sense to hire the lawyer who was almost half the price of the local probate attorney.

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      Founded by Attorney Cyrus Malhotra in 2008, the Malhotra Law Firm strives to set the standard for probate services in Florida. He believes that quality, timely, professional service can be accomplished while saving clients THOUSANDS of dollars in the process.

      Malhotra Law Firm
      Cyrus Malhotra

      At the Malhotra Law Firm, we understand that you are going through a hard time, and we seek to offer consolation in the fact that your case will be handled by knowledgeable staff in a professional manner. Schedule a call with a staff member today for a free consultation with our experienced attorney.